Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who missed me?!

I missed you! I wish I had all sorts of cool reasons as to why I have not posted but alas I do not. However I do have many an excellent list to share with you all. To get us started let us list some of the best parts of summer so far.

1. The buzz lightyear slip n' slide in our backyard. Loved by all young and old alike.
2. Eating lots of meals out back.
3. Camping twice, much more fun than I had anticipated.
4. My sisters family being here and having almost three weeks of non stop fun.
5. Deacon taking a liking to "going for a run" pretty cute.
6. Summer thunderstorms, best sleep ever.
7. Tan lines from lots of pool hours.
8. Watermelon strawberries and hamburgers.
9. Diet coke, ice cold.
10. Diet coke, ice cold. Did I already mention that?

Now let's get those lists a comin' I missed them.