Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got movies on ma mind!

So lately I have been feeling like there are a million movies out there that I need to see that I have not, and what if I forget one of the ones I wanted to see? Ahhh! So here is just a little list of movies I must see.

1. Black Swann, I decided I am not afraid anymore! I am going to see it!
2. The Rabbit Hole. Nicole Kidman is nominated for an Oscar and I love her. And she is waaaaay cooler than Katie Holmes, you so lose Tom Cruise.
3.127 Hours. I want to watch this but do I really have to watch the beautiful James Franco saw off his own arm? Could they not just skip that scene?
4. The hurt Locker, also scared to watch this one, I do not do well with intense situations and it is a war movie after all.
5.Gosh I know there is a fifth but I am too overwhelmed with the movie watching I need to do already!

please tell me what are your must see movies, recent or oldies. I gotta know!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here I am! Mostly because my mom told me to post, seriously. Also because I really want to talk about Movies. So without further delay, my top five movies of the year.

Listed 5-1 for dramatics.

5. True Grit. Loved the young girl and loved Matt Damon, one of his best roles.

4. The Social Network. Totally entertaining and way more interesting than I anticipated.

3.My tie for number 3 is the 3 best kids movies I saw this year. Toy story 3, How to train your Dragon and Tangled. Good year for kids.

2. Inception. So awesome. So different than anything I have seen before.

1. THE FIGHTER. Gosh darn I love Marky Mark. With or without the funky bunch. What were you favorite movies? Even better least favorite?

post edit: I forgot I looooooved Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, probably as much if not a teensy bit more than true grit. I can sleep tonight now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

If i could pay someone........

Today when i was pulling in my garbage cans (and recycling bin thank you very much) I looked around my yard and thought: Go to hell. This yard is nuts. So many side yards and areas for weeds to grow wild. Now do not get me wrong my yard is great. With a awesome awning in the back and a great row of rose bushes. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, if I could pay someone to care for and landscape my yard it would really be a thing of beauty. So I got to thinkin, if you could pay someone to do something, anything what would it be? Also i would pay someone to blow out my hair every other day. Oh and a mani/pedia and massage once a week. So leave a comment, do not be shy I know you would pay someone to work you out in your sleep if it were possible.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The makings of a great Sunday

Today was a great Sunday. Here are my reasons why:

1. A little worship.
2. Great meal with some family.
3. A canyon drive to see the fall leaves.
4. Leisurely walk around my neighborhood.
5. Peeking in on Deacon in Nursery and seeing a cute well behaved fun boy.

Now tell me, what makes for a great Sunday in your book? Is it a nap and good book? What is it? Add on to my list would ya? Your the best.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

something fun something new something awesome something cool

Who did anything new over the summer? You did? Will you add on to my list of awesome new things I did this Summer? You will? Oh great, thanks.

This summer I (and I have never done anything on this list before)

1. hiked to Cecret Lake, so easy and so beautiful.
2. Did not have a job (for most of the summer) I have had a job in the summer since I was about 17, it was awesome.
3. Went to the Bahamas, pretty fun and funny
4. Got addicted to Shivers Diet Coke, one sip and you are hooked.
5. Took Deacon on hikes up Milcreek canyon, loved it.
Now please tell me about your amazing Summer firsts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

who is ready for Faaaaaallll?!

Me Me Me!
Now do not get me wrong, I love summer. I really do. But I have had enough and these are the things I am looking forward to:

1. Soups and warm foods
2. Crisp fall air, something about it totally draws me out for cool evening and morning walks. Enough with running outside in the scorching heat.
3. Carving pumpkins, and dragging out all my fall decor.
4. Boots and sweaters, love wearing layers.
5. 30 Rock coming back on. Yesssssss.
6. Deacon is starting preschool, I know he will love it.
7. Halloween, not to dress up but to bake treats, decorate and plan a cute costume for Deacon.
8. A canyon drive to see the leaves changing.
9. Opening my window just a crack at night and felling the canyon breeze.
10. Breaking out my moccasins for my indian summer.
Now how about some add ons? Please please tell me what you love about Fall in the comments. Another thing I love about this fall is, I swear I will keep this blog updated. I have a couple lists comin your way this week and I may just beg you for a particular list. Sound great? Love. You. Fall.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who missed me?!

I missed you! I wish I had all sorts of cool reasons as to why I have not posted but alas I do not. However I do have many an excellent list to share with you all. To get us started let us list some of the best parts of summer so far.

1. The buzz lightyear slip n' slide in our backyard. Loved by all young and old alike.
2. Eating lots of meals out back.
3. Camping twice, much more fun than I had anticipated.
4. My sisters family being here and having almost three weeks of non stop fun.
5. Deacon taking a liking to "going for a run" pretty cute.
6. Summer thunderstorms, best sleep ever.
7. Tan lines from lots of pool hours.
8. Watermelon strawberries and hamburgers.
9. Diet coke, ice cold.
10. Diet coke, ice cold. Did I already mention that?

Now let's get those lists a comin' I missed them.