Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sometimes you wanna go

What is the place for you that feels like home away from home. A place you have been going for a long time. The place you cant wait to get to every summer (or winter or fall or whatever) I want to hear about it. I want to see it and I want a list about why it is so great. Here is my place:

The family Cabin in Island Park, Idaho
The best things about going there.

1. Endless amounts of eating delicious food and snacks.
2. The snake river less than a mile away, you can walk right down to it.
3. Waking up before the sun comes up and running outside, then getting back in bed.
4. Playing tons of games, careers, cards and when I was younger the best set of paper dolls ever.
5. Taking a trip into Yellowstone particularly the dollar store.
6. My great Grandmas' salt and pepper shaker collection that is displayed.
7. Being there with family.
8. My awesome Grandpa putting wifi up there.
9. Last chance gas station down the road.
10. Seeing Deacon run and play there and love every second of it.

Now send me your vacation lists, I am dying to hear all about them.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For the love of breakfast.

A very lovely list from my lovely Mother of all things breakfast.
1. omelet, with bacon.
2. a croissant.
3. pancakes, but mostly only if I am the pancake maker.
4. oatmeal. with raisins.
5. oatmeal scone. with cherries.
6. pre-breakfast cookie.
7. pre-breakfast potato chips.
8. canned fruit and cottage cheese, with flax seed and chopped up almonds.
9. sourdough toast, with flagrant disregard for the whole "carbs" thing.
10. granola, but mostly only if I am the granola maker.
11. Kix.

And holy cow do I love a breakfast burrito.

Chicken Sausage and Samosa Pies, Oh my!

The definitive list of the scrumptious pies and other delicacies available for the bloke to choose from on a Friday (which is the ‘I’m not taking a sandwich with me I’m having a pie day’).

Pie dispenser to the academic community of Old Aberdeen known as the “Old Toon Cafe”, staffed by women who would give the fish wifies of Torry a scare, some of whom are the same who served me as a student 22 years ago...

1. Steak Pie

2. Mince Pie

3. Lasagne Pie

4. Stovies

5. Macaroni Pie

6. Steak slice

7. Samosa Pie (a particular speciality very confusing to the Spanish students)

8. Sausage roll

9. Sausage Round

10. Chicken pie

11. Bridies

Amazingly, they DO NOT sell Scotch Pies (Mutton Pie)

Picture the scene as 3 Japanese students have explained to them the difference between a “roll” & a “Round” and the difference between “meat” & “mince”. Top entertainment at our gaff at lunch times I can tell ya.

If you are American as I am, you will love this fabulously Scottish list as much as I do. What is a Samosa pie!?

Is the sun shining in Scotland?

Because that is where this list comes from. And tomorrow : a fabulously british list about pies, oh my!

Things you can do when the sun finally shines....

1. Wash three loads of laundry in one day and dry them outside.
2. Open all the windows and let the breeze blow through
3. Take a nap in your bed, wrapped up with a blanky, and a breeze blowing through your curtains (if you are a three years old).
4. Fully participate in the walk to school week. 2 for 2 so far!
5. Feel the sun on your arms and rejoice that you can wear short sleeves without freezing.
6. Make an impromptu visit to the park.
8. Make sure sunglasses are your main accessory.
9. Clean your windows, but really, it would be better if you just found some summery songs on the internet and listened to them on repeat instead.
10. Be grateful for the sunshine and all of the above, because it might not last forever.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I am looking forward to (a list to be jealous of, mostly because I do not have much in my life for anyone to be jealous of)

1. A entire huge fresh watermelon cut up in the fridge just for me to consume in two days tops.
2. A girls weekend getaway starting Thursday, wahoo!
3. The Bahamas a week after that!
4. A kid who is potty trained. (old news but still oh so good for me.)
5. Those new yogurt creamies have only 105 calories, we can ALL look forward to that!
6. Going to the pool at least 4 times this week, yessssss.
7. Winning the lottery, if I say I will win I will, just like the book the Secret.

Do tell me something you are looking forward to, or something I should be jealous of. I promise to be happy for you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

How you know it really is summer

This sunburn= summer has arrived

1. You wake up and feel like you may have spent have the night in a swamp.
2. Too many hours outside results in that oh too familiar sunburn feeling.
3. You have consumed a full watermelon by yourself in two days.
4. It is impossible to get your kids in bed because it forever feels like 7:00 pm all evening.
5. The smell of BBQs and your roses blooming.

Isn't it swell? Welcome Summer!

p.s. Can you send me some more lists? I love them. I have a few I still need to post but I am greedy and I would like more. Also should we do some sort of giveaway? That would be fun I think.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I took a few days off

It was Memorial day weekend! So sue me! I loved our last add on list sooooooo much I thought I would do another one. Then tomorrow really is things that must go Friday, swear I am not lying. Please believe me, I wont let you down two weeks in a row. So without further delay:

The absolute best summer foods a add on list:

1. Watermelon, do not even try and touch this one it is the best.
2. Grilled hamburgers (really anything grilled)
3. Corn on the cob

Summer is really here! We can actually allow ourselves to get excited now. Tell me your add on in the comment section, please? Thank you I knew you would.