Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got movies on ma mind!

So lately I have been feeling like there are a million movies out there that I need to see that I have not, and what if I forget one of the ones I wanted to see? Ahhh! So here is just a little list of movies I must see.

1. Black Swann, I decided I am not afraid anymore! I am going to see it!
2. The Rabbit Hole. Nicole Kidman is nominated for an Oscar and I love her. And she is waaaaay cooler than Katie Holmes, you so lose Tom Cruise.
3.127 Hours. I want to watch this but do I really have to watch the beautiful James Franco saw off his own arm? Could they not just skip that scene?
4. The hurt Locker, also scared to watch this one, I do not do well with intense situations and it is a war movie after all.
5.Gosh I know there is a fifth but I am too overwhelmed with the movie watching I need to do already!

please tell me what are your must see movies, recent or oldies. I gotta know!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here I am! Mostly because my mom told me to post, seriously. Also because I really want to talk about Movies. So without further delay, my top five movies of the year.

Listed 5-1 for dramatics.

5. True Grit. Loved the young girl and loved Matt Damon, one of his best roles.

4. The Social Network. Totally entertaining and way more interesting than I anticipated.

3.My tie for number 3 is the 3 best kids movies I saw this year. Toy story 3, How to train your Dragon and Tangled. Good year for kids.

2. Inception. So awesome. So different than anything I have seen before.

1. THE FIGHTER. Gosh darn I love Marky Mark. With or without the funky bunch. What were you favorite movies? Even better least favorite?

post edit: I forgot I looooooved Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, probably as much if not a teensy bit more than true grit. I can sleep tonight now.