Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here I am! Mostly because my mom told me to post, seriously. Also because I really want to talk about Movies. So without further delay, my top five movies of the year.

Listed 5-1 for dramatics.

5. True Grit. Loved the young girl and loved Matt Damon, one of his best roles.

4. The Social Network. Totally entertaining and way more interesting than I anticipated.

3.My tie for number 3 is the 3 best kids movies I saw this year. Toy story 3, How to train your Dragon and Tangled. Good year for kids.

2. Inception. So awesome. So different than anything I have seen before.

1. THE FIGHTER. Gosh darn I love Marky Mark. With or without the funky bunch. What were you favorite movies? Even better least favorite?

post edit: I forgot I looooooved Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, probably as much if not a teensy bit more than true grit. I can sleep tonight now.


  1. Haven't seen true grit, tangled, or the fighter yet. fell asleep in how to train your dragon and wish i had in toy story 3. Inception made me feel like I might need to ride on the short bus. I was all what the what? and Huh? But I liked social network. Only I kept finding myself daydreaming about what the world might be like if Justin and Britney had stayed together. I mean really, it's just so sad. remember their matching jean outfits? It's like the world hasn't quite been right since.

  2. Amy! How could we have such oppisite views! Go see The Fighter True Grit and Tangled, you will love them all. Yes I remember the denim outfits right down to her denim hat. Ahhh better times.

  3. I love all the movies you mention, and Amy's comments are hilarious--I've been laughing all morning.

    Not-favorite movies? what is that?