Saturday, September 4, 2010

who is ready for Faaaaaallll?!

Me Me Me!
Now do not get me wrong, I love summer. I really do. But I have had enough and these are the things I am looking forward to:

1. Soups and warm foods
2. Crisp fall air, something about it totally draws me out for cool evening and morning walks. Enough with running outside in the scorching heat.
3. Carving pumpkins, and dragging out all my fall decor.
4. Boots and sweaters, love wearing layers.
5. 30 Rock coming back on. Yesssssss.
6. Deacon is starting preschool, I know he will love it.
7. Halloween, not to dress up but to bake treats, decorate and plan a cute costume for Deacon.
8. A canyon drive to see the leaves changing.
9. Opening my window just a crack at night and felling the canyon breeze.
10. Breaking out my moccasins for my indian summer.
Now how about some add ons? Please please tell me what you love about Fall in the comments. Another thing I love about this fall is, I swear I will keep this blog updated. I have a couple lists comin your way this week and I may just beg you for a particular list. Sound great? Love. You. Fall.


  1. I am totally with you on this--I really enjoyed summer this year, and so I feel completely justified in turning my anticipation to a lovely fall. I also love being able to wear: tights, boots, sweaters, jackets. I love fall food, baking, pumpkins, and the end-of-the-summer light (so much! I love this). I think the world looks particularly beautiful at the beginning and end of fall days. I love back to school, actually, it occurs to me. I love the lovely holidays ahead--even Halloween (I'm coming around), but especially Thanksgiving. Yay for fall! And yay for more lists from you!

  2. 1.) scarves. gimme those scarves.
    2.) learning to crochet fingerless gloves for winter.
    3.) pumpkin candles. yessssssssss.
    4.)coming to your house to craft. this week? ya?

  3. 1) Newborn babies
    2) My birthday
    3) crunchy leaves
    4) Canyon drives
    5) sweaters!
    6) pumpkin treats--cookies,bread, pie
    7) Halloween

  4. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I agree to all!

  5. I love fall (even if it leads into winter) because:

    -of the crisp cool air
    -of the sound of football on t.v.
    -of the yummy fall smells
    -of my birthday and all the fun holidays
    -of fun activities like: going to football games and picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
    -of fun family traditions

    YAY for fall!

  6. hell Sophia, I've been looking forward to fall all summer. And for only one single reason and one reason alone. Finally cooler weather so my oversized sweatshirts I've been wearing to cover this extra baby belly i'm sporting will finally be justified. All Summer people were just looking at me wearing my sweatshirt like I was crazy.

    Not crazy, just fat. Yay for Fall! Yay for sweatshirts!