Sunday, September 12, 2010

The makings of a great Sunday

Today was a great Sunday. Here are my reasons why:

1. A little worship.
2. Great meal with some family.
3. A canyon drive to see the fall leaves.
4. Leisurely walk around my neighborhood.
5. Peeking in on Deacon in Nursery and seeing a cute well behaved fun boy.

Now tell me, what makes for a great Sunday in your book? Is it a nap and good book? What is it? Add on to my list would ya? Your the best.


  1. 6. phone conversation with faraway daughter
    7. some good cooking
    8. Mad Men
    9. two beautiful walks
    10. making a quesadilla at 11:15 p.m. for son who is writing a paper.
    11. reading the New York Times

  2. 12. cuddling
    13. reading chapter after chapter
    14. breakfast for dinner
    15. feeling renewed & invigorated

  3. 16. Talking to friends at church I haven't seen all week.
    17. Talk to my family on the phone.
    18. Planning fun meals for the week ahead.

  4. I thought of another one, wearing a dress or skirt, it is the only time I enjoy it.

  5. I love Sunday afternoon naps, but I haven't really been able to enjoy those since before I had kids. . .one day I will again ;)

  6. 19. sleeping in. oh wait. 3 kids.
    20. nookie. joke.
    21. church & heels. only time i wear em. good thing I have 40 pairs.
    22. not doing dishes or cleaning up. they don't call it the day of rest for nothin'.
    23. dinner with family.
    24. reading this blog.
    25. desert and the funny show. which really isn't very funny anymore(americas funniest home videos) but my kids laugh hysterically. And that is funny to me.