Tuesday, September 7, 2010

something fun something new something awesome something cool

Who did anything new over the summer? You did? Will you add on to my list of awesome new things I did this Summer? You will? Oh great, thanks.

This summer I (and I have never done anything on this list before)

1. hiked to Cecret Lake, so easy and so beautiful.
2. Did not have a job (for most of the summer) I have had a job in the summer since I was about 17, it was awesome.
3. Went to the Bahamas, pretty fun and funny
4. Got addicted to Shivers Diet Coke, one sip and you are hooked.
5. Took Deacon on hikes up Milcreek canyon, loved it.
Now please tell me about your amazing Summer firsts.


  1. This summer I

    1. Got a new dog, a little dog, from the humane society.
    2. Got a new hobby--jewelry making.

  2. We didn't do a lot of new things, but one thing we did that I never thought I would do is. . .take a spontaneous, last minute trip to Disneyland.

  3. Went on a gator swamp tour. Got to hang out with my cool family and eat breakfast at the Millcreek cafe. Never done that before!

  4. First off, shivers beverages are to die for. That little deer poop ice kills me.

    and as far as summer goes, i didn't honestly see too much of it. I was in a baby haze. hope you enjoyed your summer.